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Win a Sold As Is paperback!

You now have two chances to win a copy of my snarky, sexy, Southern romance Sold As Is. In addition to the Goodreads giveaway (ending 9/30), I’m giving away a second copy with help from Peak City Publishing. I’m a teensy sponsor of the first annual Peak City Book Festival (go, Apex!) and am shaking Read more of this post »

Two Irishmen, a Russian, and a porn star walk into a bar…

Okay, that joke set-up is a bit of an exaggeration, but it all applies to Saint and Scholar. (To understand the porn star bit, you have to read chapter four.) Last week I said I’d explain why I titled the book Saint and Scholar. Well, it came after a lot of thought. The original title Read more of this post »

The student/teacher taboo, several years removed.

I like to think of myself as pretty creative, but truth is, most of my books are grounded at least somewhat in real life–even the paranormal ones. I get my sparks from day-to-day observations that may seem trivial to most other people. (Ask my friend Melissa Blue – I can turn pretty much any conversation Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Sloane Taylor and Heated Negotiations

Y’all remember Sloane Taylor, right? She writes elegant, spicy romances that feature feisty American women and very sexy European men? I may have gushed about her style before. It’s hard to keep up with all my gushing nowadays (feminine hormones and such). Anyhow, she’s got a new book out today and it’s the start of Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Nora Snowdon and THE SPANISH ACQUISITION

We romance types read heavily in our own genre. (That’s the thing about folks in creative professions: we actually support the competition!) I got to read Nora Snowdon’s The Spanish Acquisition early, so let me first say “Go buy it. Right now.” You’ll want to stay up late to see how many misunderstandings the hero Read more of this post »

Nora’s here!

Release day! Woo hoo! *tosses confetti* Nora and Matt await you at Amazon, and will soon motor their ways to other third-party retailers. If you’re truly a voracious romance consumer and love books like My Nora, you can also subscribe to Crimson eBooks and read the entire catalog (if you can manage it) for a Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Diane Jewkes and The Heart You Own

I get lots of guests here at HolleyBlog who write contemporaries (’cause, hey, that’s what I write) but every now and then some brave historian puts up her hand to volunteer for a bit of torture fun. Diane Jewkes (another Coloradan, but don’t worry–we’re not going to run out of us!) braved and defeated the Read more of this post »

Sloane Taylor’s spicy Venetian romp: Masquerade

My new standalone book is hot off the Musa Publishing e-press! [Note from Holley – Masquerade was formerly bundled in the Musa anthology Love Notes. Stories in that collection are being gradually re-released as single titles for easier consumption. Yay!] With a gorgeous cover designed by Kelly Shorten and the unbeatable editing skills of Elizabeth Read more of this post »

Based *somewhat* on reality.

Did I ever tell you I worked in headhunting? Yeah. It’s where I got the inspiration for my short sexy romance Executive Decision. Now, let me be clear here: I didn’t do recruiting. That was a job for everyone else at the agency. I was the poor sucker who did everything else. It was often Read more of this post »