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the five w’s

The Five W’s with Becky Flade and FATED SOULS

Full moon isn’t until next week, but I’ve got a furry, howling treat for you a bit early. Author Becky Flade has stopped by to do the 5 W’s about her newly-released paranormal romance Fated Souls. It released just this past Monday and already has some great reviews. So! Let me just step aside here Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Marci Boudreaux and THE MESSENGER

Hey! Y’all know Marci. I introduced you last year. She’s been keeping busy since the release of Unforgettable You and her saucy pseudonym Emilia Mancini’s The Rebound. Somehow, in between juggling 12 jobs and tending her family, she’s whipped another book into shape (I suspect she may have borrowed Hermione Granger’s time-turner). The Messenger is Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with MJ Schiller and Trapped Under Ice

MJ’s been a 5W victim before. She visited back in December and told us about her Crimson Romance release Taken by Storm. Now, she’s dipping a big toe into the self-publishing pond, and since I have a raft on it myself, I thought it was time she came back. I love hearing about how authors Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Stephanie Freeman and A Letter from Yesay

A Letter from Yesay is storyteller Stephanie Freeman’s third romantic suspense yarn from publisher Crimson Romance. Available now for pre-order, this story–due February 4–looks sure to thrill. I mean, check out this hook!: She folded the pages. Some were old . . . stained with tears and time. Others were a pale pink . . Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Sharon Ledwith and The Last Timekeepers and The Arch of Atlantis

Hey, everyone! Let’s take a deep breath in. (Breathes in.) And a long, cleansing breath out. (Breathes out.) Romance is exhausting. Even we authors have to take a break from it sometimes. Playing yenta and making everyone we write about fall in love is mentally taxing. So, today at the blog I’ve got a bit Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Lillian Grant and Hot Male

Hey, hey! Lillian Grant’s been on my radar a while. She frequently haunts one of my favorite online forums and I’ve paid special attention to the below cover art because a) I’m a sucker for punny titles (Hot Male isn’t the original one), and b) a male stripper?! (Yes, I saw Magic Mike in the Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Nora Snowdon and THE SPANISH ACQUISITION

We romance types read heavily in our own genre. (That’s the thing about folks in creative professions: we actually support the competition!) I got to read Nora Snowdon’s The Spanish Acquisition early, so let me first say “Go buy it. Right now.” You’ll want to stay up late to see how many misunderstandings the hero Read more of this post »

The 5 W’s with MJ Schiller and TAKEN BY STORM

MJ Schiller’s debut Taken by Storm, released October 15, 2012 from Crimson Romance, has a promise of intrigue and a bit of danger. It’s set in a world that’s both familiar and imaginary, and if you like your romances to leave some things to the imagination, this one’s for you. MJ was kind enough to Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Becky Lower and The Abolitionist’s Secret

I’ve mentioned it before, but I read historical romances very selectively because I like to feel grounded in the place and time where a book is set. Every now and then, though, a premise sparks my interest and makes me take a closer look. I’m taking a close look at fellow Crimson Romance author Becky Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Marci Boudreaux and Unforgettable You

Emilia Mancini has a softer, sweeter side named Marci, and Marci is visiting HolleyBlog to tell us about Unforgettable You, available TODAY from Calliope. Check out the five w’s and find out more about this contemporary rural romance. WHO are your main characters? Widowed Carrie Gable gave up her job as a chef in Des Read more of this post »