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Teaching the Cowboy is back!

And only 99¢ through re-launch week! The price will go up to $3.99 next Monday night (9/21), so grab it at its lowest price. This is a revised second edition of Teaching the Cowboy that’s nearly 20% longer than the version published in February 2014. The plot is pretty much the same–there’s just more detail Read more of this post »

Travel and cheap cowboys. Uh…Happy Thanksgiving?

I’m a nontraditional kind of girl, so instead of sitting at someone’s [anyone but mine because Thanksgiving cooking is for the birds, no pun intended] dining room table today, I’m traveling. Los Angeles to Denver, specifically. We had a little family vacation for the last five days and decided to fly home on Thanksgiving day Read more of this post »

Love is in the [Wyoming] air! (contest closed)

Tomorrow is the official release of Teaching the Cowboy – my most gigantic book to date. It’s snarky and sexy and I’ve been waiting for it to see the light of day since November 2012! If you’re a fan of dark humor, you’ll love this one. Here’s the summary: She’s a Carolina beauty queen, not Read more of this post »

This Tuesday’s Tune – 1/8/13

Sometimes I put my jukebox on shuffle and let it do its thing, particularly when I’m doing grunt work. Sting’s “Fill Her Up” (Featuring the Late Earl Scruggs) came up while I was taking a little break from my cowboy novel (a.k.a. The Super-sized Romance). I thought, “Wow, what a great country hook for a Read more of this post »

NaNoWriMo Day 1, Check-in

I won’t be checking in every day, but since today is the official start of National Novel Writing Month, I figured I’d give my first day totals. Now, I’m working on two projects simultaneously. The official one is the Saint and Scholar spin-off. I ended today with 3,050 words on that title (and that’s the Read more of this post »

‘Cause I’m a masochist.

Starting Thursday, I’m going to be working on two novel-length works of fiction simultaneously. One will be the NaNoWriMo novel I previously alluded to: I’m still on track for that because I don’t want it to have a release date too far removed from its prequel. The second piece was a plot that came to Read more of this post »