Winterball (Reedsville Roosters)

Winterball by Holley Trent

Book Information

·SERIES: Reedsville Roosters 1/Den of Sin
·SUBGENRE: Erotic Contemporary
·RELEASE DATE: November 4, 2014
·SCANDAL LEVEL: 5/5 clutched pearls for adult language and scenes of explicit male-male eroticism.

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When teammates Barton Lock and Evan Boswell arrive separately at the Hotel Beaudelaire’s exclusive Den of Sin Winterball, neither expects the staff matchmaker to pair them with the other. Evan is minor league baseball’s biggest ladies’ man, and Bart has spent way too many nights bearing witness to Evan’s conquests.

Evan came to the Den to play, but knowing Bart is the other party in his secret weekend rendezvous changes the game. Evan’s used to Bart calling the shots on the field, and wouldn’t mind so much if Bart did the same in his personal life, too. Unfortunately, Bart thinks Evan’s attempted seduction has more to do with changing his mind about retiring from their sport than hitting a relationship home run.