Pursuing Patrick (Shrew & Company)

Pursuing Patrick

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Previously titled THE PROBLEM WITH PADDY

·SERIES: Shrew & Company Book 1
·SUBGENRE: Paranormal Romantic Suspense (modern setting)
·RELEASE DATE: March 8, 2013
·SCANDAL LEVEL: 3/5 clutched pearls for dark humor, violence, adult language, and descriptive sensuality.

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Dana Slade isn’t just Durham’s most tenacious private detective, but also an unwilling initiate into the mysterious paranormal world. After an unregulated research trial warped her DNA and turned her into an honest-to-goodness mutant, she lost her man and her job. Her spirit may have been broken, but she didn’t lose her edge.

It turns out that Patrick O’Dwyer isn’t missing, but hiding, and he’s got something in common with Dana. He’s recently had an unwilling initiation into the supernatural domain of his own, and his secret could devastate the business he’s worked so hard to build. He needs a confidante for sure, but he sees in the fierce investigator the potential for so much more than that.

The new were-cat could be the perfect partner Dana didn’t know she needed, but not if she can’t convince herself that another chance at love is worth the risks.

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