The Cougar’s Bargain (Desert Guards)

shapeshifter romance cat shifter

Book Information

·SERIES: Desert Guards #3
·SUBGENRE: Paranormal Romance (modern setting)
·PUBLISHER: Crimson Romance
·RELEASE DATE: November 9, 2015
·SCANDAL LEVEL: 3/5 clutched pearls for snark and explicit sensuality.

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Hannah Welch doomed were-cougar Sean Foye to spend the rest of his life in his animal form when she refused to accept him as a mate. But an attack at the Foyes’ New Mexico ranch ended with Hannah becoming a cougar, too. She strikes a bargain with the goddess who cursed him: Sean will be freed from his furry affliction if Hannah can find him a more suitable mate.

Then the two are paired on a mission to root out a group of troublemakers, and as they work together, their icy feelings end up thawing quickly. Soon, Hannah’s not so sure she should give Sean up. He’s the only man who’s ever made her feel comfortable in her own skin—and her own fur, too. Can she prove to Sean that destiny deserves a second chance?