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Afotama Legacy logo erotic paranormal romance series

An erotic paranormal romance series featuring contemporary Viking telepaths in the American Southwest. Check out this “What’s it about?” post for an overview.

The Viking Queen's Men cover The Chieftain's Daughter MMF erotic paranormal romance Vikings Pride psychic romance by Holley Trent Viking Flame witch paranormal romance
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Series Reading Order

1. The Viking Queen’s Men
2. The Chieftain’s Daughter
2.5. Viking’s Pride (novella)
3. Viking Flame
4. The Viking’s Witch
4.5. Beauty & the Viking (side story coming March 2016)
5. Title Coming Soon (Jody)
6. Title Coming Soon (Keith)

Series FAQ

Queen and Chieftains by Holley Trent·The first two novels in the collection are available in the Queen & Chieftains duology. (Tess, Harvey, and Ollie’s romance spans two books.)

·Prince in Leather overlaps with the end of The Chieftain’s Daughter. Find out what the Sídhe are up to when they’re not visiting Norseton.

·The first four Norseton Wolves stories take place several months after Viking Flame.

·The Afótama Legacy is also the base series for the Hearth Motel and Norseton Wolves spin-offs. Characters in all three series interact.

·The series is scheduled to conclude in 2017 with Keith’s book.