Beauty & the Viking (Norseton Wolves/The Afótama Legacy)

Beauty and the Viking by Holley Trent

Book Information

·SERIES: Norseton Wolves/The Afótama Legacy
·SUBGENRE: Paranormal Romance (modern setting)
·RELEASE DATE: March 14, 2017 (in Taming the Beast)
·SCANDAL LEVEL: 3/5 clutched pearls for explicit eroticism and dark humor.

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This novella is an inter-series side story set sometime after the Afótama Legacy book The Chieftain’s Daughter and before the Norseton Wolves novella Seer.

The return of magic to the Afótama people has infiltrated the underground Vikings in Fallon, Nevada, and the rich, reclusive Andreas Toft is its newest casualty. His family’s curse has reawakened, and now Andreas has new reasons to hide. He can’t control his transformations into a beast, nor remember who he is once he’s shifted. When paralegal Mary Nissen tracks him down for a witness interview, she expects some opposition from the eccentric man. She doesn’t, however, anticipate him abducting her.

Andreas fears that once the secret of what he is gets out, the locals will kill him. Mary’s not like the others, though. She celebrates the return of magic to their people, and wants to help him. But if Andreas can’t trust that she has his best interests at heart, he’ll end up not only gambling with danger as a lone wolf. He’ll alienate the woman his animal half has claimed for a mate, as well.