The Viking Queen’s Men (The Afótama Legacy)

The Viking Queen's Men cover

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·SERIES: The Afótama Legacy Book 1
·SUBGENRE: Paranormal Romance (modern setting)
·RELEASE DATE: October 7, 2014 (in Vikings Unleashed)
·SCANDAL LEVEL: 4/5 clutched pearls for several scenes of explicit eroticism (including M/F/M ménage), shit-talking, fisticuffs, and dark humor.

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Contessa Dahl has spent most of her life in a haze. A rudderless orphan, most decisions involved her fists and feet: should she fight or should she run? At twenty-eight, she’s ready to clean up her act, but Tess might be a bit premature because she’s destined to be a special kind of leader.

Born into a group of desert-dwelling telepathic descendants of Vikings, Tess was meant to become a link for them all—their queen and conduit. Her kidnapping and the subsequent death of her parents meant her people, the Afótama, have had a hole in their web for too long. Now that she’s back at home, it’s Tess’s job to mend it. But, she can’t do it alone.

She needs a perfect mate to fill in her psychic gaps, and two men claim to be fated for the job. Harvey Lang, her childhood champion, and the group outsider Oliver Gilisson would fight to the death to win her. However, to gain full control of her considerable power, she must find a way to keep them both.