A Demon in Waiting—Edition II—is out now!

Cover of A Demon in Waiting by Holley Trent

It’s finally back! The story that started the Sons of Gulielmus/Desert Guards/Masters of Maria continuity is available again and with a new cover.

Meet hapless incubus John and road-tripping Ariel in a cross-country romp (of the supernatural sort).

For the next three months, it’ll be exclusively available to Amazon. Get it for a buck or borrow it as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription. It’ll be widely available in late-February.

What’s changed?

Not much. I just fluffed up a few feelings, corrected some series inconsistencies (bound to happen in a series this big, but…oops), and…actually gave a certain character a hair color.

Get it here:

Amazon US
Amazon CA
Amazon UK
Amazon AU


If you check out the series page, you’ll see some new titles in the Sons of Gulielmus series.

These are NOT new stories! I’ve retitled a few to better fit the storytelling…and to account for some of the kids…odd paranormal identities. Daughter on the Run was A Demoness Matched. Cupid in Love was A Demon in Love. A Demon Bewitched is now A Witch Enraptured. Look for those soon! I’m releasing Sons of Gulielmus stories through the end of the year (I hope).