THE ANGEL’S DESIRE is available now!

It is done.

I can’t believe it.

Cover of The Angel's Desire by Holley Trent

Seven years since the first Sons of Gulielmus story launched, we’ve finally come full circle back to the devious fallen angel and the woman who stops him from being great.*

I’m not going to count how many stories occurred between A Demon in Waiting and this final Masters of Maria installment. It’s a lot of books. It overwhelms me, so I can imagine what it must seem like to newcomers to the series. (Hi, newcomers!)

But every one of those stories was important to the timeline—those things had to happen before we could get here.

I love this book. When I started writing it before Crimson Romance’s surprise demise, I couldn’t stop myself from cackling. I was going to throw EVERYTHING at Gulielmus to see what the editing crew let me keep. And, well, that stopped being an issue, so I said, “What the hell? Let’s put this ride into fifth gear.” That’s how I ended up with a portal fantasy into a post apocalyptic elf realm, two frustrated fated mates, a mysterious/unwanted inheritance, Dark Ages fashions, and…potatoes.

(It’ll all make sense. You’ll see.)

You can absolutely read this book without having read any of the Maria books or the earlier Sons of Gulielmus series. AT the end, I list the series connections and where you can go back and meet certain characters. Bounce around if you need to. It won’t hurt!

The Angel’s Desire is exclusively available at Amazon for the next three months and is also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

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What about paperbacks?

Sooooon. Formatting takes a li’l time.

What about the other Maria stories?

Most came out of their Amazon exclusivity periods over the weekend, so in the next couple of days, you’ll see them popping back up at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, and eventually at Google Play (experiencing severe lags there, but I’m working on getting everything updated!).

If you wait a little bit, you’ll be able to get The Demigod’s Legacy for free. Just keep checking!

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And remember: just because the Mortonville to Maria arc has come to a close doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing these characters again.

If you’ve read The Angel’s Fire or The Coyote’s Bride, you already know where this is going.

*”Great”: engaging in unfettered debauchery