A new Plot Twist epilogue!

Cover of Sleigh, Bells, Rings by Holley Trent. Has gold Christmas bells tied by a green ribbon over a white background.
Because I have the impulse control of a chihuahua, when some readers asked me what our friends from Working Title are up to now, I said, “Oh, you know, things. Maybe I’ll check in on them.” And then I promptly opened Scrivener to type up a little update. I figured a couple of chapters would do it. How much could those three possibly have to say, right?


But let’s back up for a moment. I guess I was unfair. Working Title is actually the shortest novel in the Plot Twist series, and to be honest, it wasn’t even supposed to be a novel. I intended to write a fun little holiday novella, but, you know, PLOT TWIST. The characters ended up being too interesting and I couldn’t keep the story superficial. Had I known then what I know now, I would have shot for 80k and crossed my fingers.


Lisa, Finch, and Joey deserved a little more content, so I wrote a four-chapter holiday vignette so you can see what they’re doing now. The story is set about a year and a half after the end of Working Title. They’re still hot-messy. They’re just hot-messy in a “well, you’re not going to dump me and you know what you signed up for” kind of way now. Adulting is great.

You can get Sleigh, Bells, Rings for free right now at Prolific Works. I believe it’ll ask you for your email address and what format you’d like. If it asks you to subscribe to my mailing list, do not feel obligated to do that.

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My usual disclaimer.

Do not read this in public unless you want to explain to people why you’re wheezing. Thank you.

One more thing.

Working Title is also free right now. That means you can get both of these Plot Twist stories, ignore your responsibilities, and read them back-to-back.

Cover of Working Title by Holley Trent

I’m not saying you should. Only that you could, in theory.