EXTENT: The Newest Jekh Saga Story is out Now

cover of Jekh Saga book 7 Extent with embracing couple over background of outer space

Edgar and Eileen’s story has been a long time coming.

I feel like I’ve been saying that about every book I release lately, but I had Extent on the back burner since Match came out in October 2018. I really can’t believe it’s been that long. It’s never my intention to put such long gaps between books in a series, but *gestures frantically*.

There are so many things I could say about this book, and a lot more I shouldn’t say because I know how much my readers enjoy discovering clues in the second and third reads. What I think is safe to say is that there’s definitely much more self-insertion into this story than the previous Jekh Saga books. Eileen’s frustration with reproductive health issues that are under-studied (and poorly treated) was influenced by real-life events, though certainly not as extreme. As the most seasoned heroine in the series thus far, she’s objectively the most cynical. She doesn’t know how to do anything except work hard and assume shit will hit the fan blades sooner or later. She’s lovable and loving, but she has a bad habit of trotting out the skeletons in her closet when things start to get too comfortable.

She’s going to annoy the shit out of you because you know people just like her in real life.

You’re likely tumbling into this story thinking of Edgar as this squeaky clean knight on a white horse whose patience comes without bounds. You’re probably thinking he’s the perfect foil for a storm cloud like Eileen.

But here’s the thing about this more mature pairing: people like them are good at making strangers believe whatever they want. They mind their own business (for the most part) and don’t tell others (including their lovers) too much of their own.

Edgar was raised to be a gentleman, and 89% of the time, that’s what he’ll give you. Extent peeks at that remaining 11%. And…that’s all I’ll say about that.

Oh! I can say without being spoilery that there is a specific reason that Edgar is what he is. Often, when I’m casting a series, I’ll unroll the family tree and see which distant branch I haven’t scandalized yet. Many apologies to my Baloch ancestors for sending Edgar to Outer Space instead of to college. Can’t be sci-fi romance without the lead characters disappointing their families somehow, right? (Frankly, the whole series spawned from me squinting at old migration maps and murmuring, “Wait…”)

The other thing I can say is that the novella about Zilkat I originally intended to be a stand-alone novella is incorporated into this book as the secondary plot. That story was suppose to be called Escort. I decided, “Holley, you’re juggling too many plates. Make this easier.” So, Zilkat’s under Eileen’s wing, exactly where he needs to be for reasons that’ll become evident.

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I hope you’ll adore this addition to Jekh’s ongoing soap opera…and that you’ll have lots of thoughts about the new character introduced at the end. /smirk