LUCKY IN LEATHER is out now!

Lucky in Leather cover a Hearth Motel series book by Holley Trent features a muscular young man in sunglasses and leather jacket on a motorcycleI may keep you waiting for a while, but I always intend to cycle back to my open series. I know readers have been waiting for the next Hearth Hotel installment for an age. A lot of factors went into the grand delay, but primary among them was that I had to finish The Afótama Legacy before I could shift the lens back over to the fairies. (If you haven’t read The Afótama Legacy and aren’t sure why the chronology matters, check out this post.)

Lucky in Leather centers Matt Gilisson (the same Matt Gilisson who first stepped onto the page in The Viking Queen’s Men) and his roommate and road dog Perry Geer.

I feel I have to warn you in advance that these two men are the youngest in the crew. That’s why Heath partnered them. You have to go into this adventure knowing they’re bad at self-care, poor household managers, frequently crass, general impulsive, and often—just plain wrong about life. They’re extremely valuable team members and bring a unique set of skills. But paired, they’re a hormonal fairy garbage fire.

I’m sorry. It had to be done. But everything will come together beautifully in the end. (At least, I hope. I like it, anyway!)

Here’s where to get the eBook:

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A few FAQ:

Will there be a paperback edition of Lucky in Leather?

Short answer: not until it makes sense.

Longer answer: because of the higher word counts of my books, paperback editions tend to be cost prohibitive for me to generate and for readers to purchase. The only workaround for that is to make the text tiny so I can decrease the number of pages and perhaps the trim size. Because I am a lady over a certain age, I’m not inclined to do that. In fact, just last week, my optometrist suggested I have a pair of low-power reading glasses on hand. So.

Will there be an audiobook edition of Lucky in Leather?

That’s a pretty big priority for me not only for accessibility reasons, but also because audio is literally the only way some readers have time to, well, read. The rest of the Hearth Motel series is already in audio, so I don’t want to buck that trend. I can’t say yet when that might be produced, but I do intend for it to happen.

Should I put off reading this book? (e.g. How long do I have to wait until the next Hearth Motel book?)

That’s between you and your TBR pile, but I anticipate that the next Hearth Motel story will be out mid-winter. If I can pry my schedule open a little, I might sneak in a holiday novella this year and give our friend Kori at the North Pole a little visit before then. I know better than to make a promise on that, though. I lot of weird publishing stuff can happen between now and holiday novella writing season.