ICYMI: April 2022

Here’s a quick rundown of book news and forecasts I’ve made (either online or in my head) during the month of April.

A day late on this one, but I have a reasonable excuse. (Probably not interesting enough to share, though.)

Here’s March’s post, by the way.

1. Lucky in Leather launched!

Lucky in Leather cover a Hearth Motel series book by Holley Trent features a muscular young man in sunglasses and leather jacket on a motorcycle
In April, I finally added a new story to the Hearth Motel series. It’d been an age, and trust me, I was more aware of that than anyone.

I said lots of stuff about it here, so I won’t rehash.

I also answered some questions about future stories set in that world on Twitter. I will not rehash that here, either, because there may be some spoiler considerations, but if you really want to know, you can do a little stalk through my mentions.

2. Wider audio on backlist titles.

This may be of interest to folks who’ve been waiting for certain audiobooks to show up on places like Scribd, Google Play, Barnes and Noble and so on. Almost all of my audiobooks have much wider availability recently due to exclusivity agreements ending.

You can see where everything is (to my knowledge as of this date) on my audiobooks page. FYI: I may have audiobooks at places I’m not aware of. Always do a search on your preferred site if you’re curious.

3. A Witch Enraptured update

It has a cover:
Cover of A Witch Enraptured by Holley Trent has a curly haired main with light brown skin and neat facial hair looking to the distance
and it’s up now for preorder on Amazon with a launch date of late this month.

I’m beating the living daylights out of the last few gnarls in it right now.

As I mentioned before, it’s essentially the same story as the one Crimson Romance published. I’ve simply updated it to fit the voice of the Desert Guards and Masters of Maria stories that came after it, culled a little fluff, and connected some dots with some things that happen with Gulielmus later so the Easter eggs are a little clearer to find in re-reads.

4. Maria?

I answered that question in an email a couple of weeks ago, but I will be going back to that story world next year after I’ve finished up a couple of open series. You can assume that once I’ve said “This is the last Hearth Motel story” and “This is the last Jekh Saga story,” there’ll be that spinoff with Angela, et al. The series does have a name. I’ll leave it at that.