ICYMI: May 2022

Here’s a quick rundown of book news and forecasts I’ve made (either online or in my head) during the month of May.

Wow. Blinked and the whole month was over. How’d that happen?

(Here’s April’s post.)

1. A Witch Enraptured launched on May 24th

Cover of A Witch Enraptured by Holley Trent has a curly haired main with light brown skin and neat facial hair looking to the distance
You can peruse this page to see where the story falls in the Sons of Gulielmus – Desert Guards – Masters of Maria timeline.

To be clear: this is the same story as A Demon Bewitched. If you read that, you will not learn anything new in this new version except a few sort of inside joke things and some world-building elaboration. Basically, I rewrote the book without breaking its bones.

If I dig back here long enough, I could find the post explaining why I changed titles on some of the stories, but just take my word for it that it was benign intent.

The series is Kindle-exclusive until early September. And remember: on the first of every month, I publish a post about what’s available in Kindle Unlimited and what’s cycling out. I don’t send newsletters out to spam readers about that simply because I’ve got too many series in the popcorn popper. But that’s the best place to check if you’re wondering if something will be widely available (or not) soon.

2. A Desert Guards bundle is coming

Whee! Here’s cover for it.
Desert Guards series collection cover has a picture of a New Mexico landscape at night with the four Desert Guards novel covers overlaid.
I mentioned it in passing on Twitter over the weekend. I’m actually not sure why it took me so long to bundle Desert Guards. Back when they were published by Crimson Romance, they were bundled soon after the series concluded. I understand that that’s convenient for readers because the stories stay together and also, bundles tend to signal, “Hey, this thing is finished.”

I think the task just fell off my radar because I was so busy trying to get the Sons of Gulielmus stories back out (see above).

This’ll be out…tomorrow, actually. As above, it’ll be Amazon-exclusive and in Kindle Unlimited until around September. That’s because I always try to cycle all the Sons of Gulielmus, Desert Guards, and Masters of Maria stories together.

3. A Hooked update

River’s book is a little more than a twinkle in my eye. It’s about half done.

I won’t say anything else about it right now. Some of you are working diligently through TBR piles from Q1 and I don’t want to be spoilery about Wish out of Water.

I will say that if you were trying to catch up before the second book is out, the deadline would be ~October 17th.