ICYMI: June 2022

Here’s a quick rundown of book news and forecasts I’ve made during the month of June.

(Here’s May’s post.)

I actually had to flip through the pages of my planner to see if anything of note went down. I was certainly doing a lot of hustling behind the scenes, but as far as outward-facing items of interest go, June was light. I do this every summer and always manage to forget.

1. You can preorder Dirty Laundry almost everywhere

Blond woman in neutral colors leaning against the headboard of her bed, holding wine, and looking sideward.
Possibly, some of you have tumbled here because you caught the first story in the series after a BookBub feature mid-month. (Hi!)

The next story in the Down and Dirty series will be out July 12th.

You can learn lots of stuff about it here. I haven’t typed up the list of content flags yet, but they’ll definitely be on the book page by launch day.

2. Slight tweaks to 2022 launch list

This is really a note for the readers who read across all my various categories and track series progress. I assess where things are each month and move things around depending on what people actually seem to be reading, how the stars are aligned, major household scheduling obstacles, and etc.

Everything I mentioned before will launch approximately when I projected earlier this year. The exception right now is the next Jekh Saga story. It’s not so much that I can’t fit it in. It’s more of an issue of needing to give readers a chance to find the last one. Let’s just say that there hasn’t been a single month this year so far that’s been a good month to release (or even promote!) a book. Some do find their legs and stay out of the algorithm landfill. Extent got buried as soon as it came out. Lots of reasons for that, but all I’ll say is I won’t knock anyone else’s hustle.

I’ll reassess that one month by month. I’m not moving any projects into its slot on the writing calendar. I’m just choosing not to draft anything there.

3. Desert Guards

I forgot about that because I didn’t consider it an actual release!

Desert Guards series collection cover has a picture of a New Mexico landscape at night with the four Desert Guards novel covers overlaid.

But the Desert Guards series is bundled again. The last time it was available as a full set was when the series was issued through Crimson Romance back when there was still a Crimson Romance.

I’ve been trying to bundle all of my completed series this year and release them whenever I didn’t have new stories coming out soon.

But yeah, that came out on the first. For the moment, it and all the stories set in the Mortonville-Maria timeline are available to borrow through the KU program.

Here are some handy Amazon links:

Amazon US
Amazon CA
Amazon UK
Amazon AU

As of now, I intend to cycle all the Sons of Gulielmus, Desert Guards, and Masters of Maria stories back into wide availability in early fall.