DIRTY LAUNDRY (a Down and Dirty story) is out now!

(Actually, it came out on Tuesday and I’ve been too swamped to say so. Definitely doing this author thing all wrong.)

Blond woman in neutral colors leaning against the headboard of her bed, holding wine, and looking sideward.

Serious hat-tip for the automated notification dealies that informed subscribers that I wrote a book, because I am definitely not reliable for doing things manually right now. Every year, I tell myself, “Huh. I’m going to take next summer off because it’s hard to get things done in those months,” and what happens? Selective amnesia happens. Without fail.


Part of the reason it took me three years to get another Down and Dirty novel out was that I couldn’t figure out who the hot-messiest was. I tend to save the hot-messiest characters for the last book, and I had a lot of material to work with for this one. In the end, the math said that Clay (no matter who he ends up with) is going to eclipse the chaoticness all on his own.

Which is fine because Heidi doesn’t actually consider herself to be chaotic. (Listen, we’re all entitled to our opinions.) She considers herself the rowboat that’s being paddled on top of the steaming shit-waves.

Carine, on the other hand, will tell you that she Doesn’t Have it Together. Not for lack of trying. Like many of us, she was following the roadmap she was given as a kid, but no one bothered to tell her that the routes were intended for specific kinds of vehicles or that some of the routes changed substantially and require significant tolls.

(Did you follow all that? My eye is twitching now.)

Like in Lowdown Dirty, we visit Clay’s rickety house of ribald flirtations, witness Kevin discovering new ways to make gray hairs spontaneously sprout on his parents’ heads, and find out what happens when a developer decides to create a suburb in the middle of the boondocks.

The usual disclaimers apply. Don’t read this one around people. It can go from “lol” to “Welp, sweating a little” in the span of a paragraph. I created a list of content tags on the book’s page. You can read the summary there, too, if that’s your jam.

You can get the ebook here:

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