ICYMI: July 2022

Here’s a quick rundown of book news and forecasts I’ve made during the month of July or previously and want to refresh.

(Here’s June’s post.)

1. Dirty Laundry is available at all major retailers!

Blond woman in neutral colors leaning against the headboard of her bed, holding wine, and looking sideward.

Learn more about it here.

And stay tuned for news about the upcoming audiobook edition!

2. Jekh Updates

I mentioned last month that I’d be assessing the series on a month-by-month basis. I have nothing new to report except that I have not moved Jekh 8 onto my August writing queue. I’ll keep watching the market and my own numbers and when there seems to be big reader appetite for sexy space stuff again, I’ll pivot.

3. Norseton Wolves

I haven’t been announcing bundles in advance as all of the ones I’m putting out this year are for completed series. Next up is the Norseton Wolves full series bundle (including the Afótama Legacy tie-in novellas), and that’ll be out tomorrow. It’ll be Amazon-exclusive for some pesky logistical reasons, but not in Kindle Unlimited.

As Norseton Wolves phases out of KU as a series, you’ll be able to get the collection elsewhere. I’ll keep you posted!

4. Masters of Maria

…will be the next series bundle.

I’m targeting September 1 for it. That series is massive, so if you were thinking of starting it, this may be the most affordable way to do so outside of KU.

While I’m on that subject—I’m currently working on the revised edition of An Angel Fallen: the last story in the Sons of Gulielmus series.

It’s on track to launch in November. I have changed the title, and the new version will be somewhat longer than the original novelette I wrote for Crimson Romance. You might find that it’ll bridge the timeline gap between A Witch Enraptured and The Cougar’s Pawn.

I’ll check in with pre-order information for the story as soon as it’s available.