ICYMI: August 2022

Here’s a quick rundown of book news and forecasts I’ve made during the month of July or previously and want to refresh.

(Here’s July’s post.)

1. The Norseton Wolves series collection launched in early August

cover of Holley Trent's werewolf series cover for Norseton Wolves has a silhouette of a howling wolf inset with an embracing couple
It has all of the Norseston Wolves novellas including the tie-in story Beauty & the Viking. You can find it exclusively at Amazon (for now). Be sure to check the monthly KU availability post on the first to see when it might be available elsewhere.

Amazon US
Amazon CA
Amazon UK
Amazon AU

2. The Maria bundle is coming soon

By weekend, I hope. Honestly, I ran out of hours (and steam for a little bit) last month, and I couldn’t get it on my slate.

Generally, I don’t send out newsletter notifications about these bundles of previously released books because, A) most of you already have them, and B) I know better than to try to compete with all the fresh launches coming out right now. Later this fall, though, after the next Hooked book is out, I’ll send out a message recapping all the paranormal activity I’ve contributed this year.

3. Speaking of Hooked…

If you scan my Twitter feed with a particular closeness, you may have noticed I said something to someone about sending them a book for reasons.

It was River’s book.

It’s still on-track to land in your e-reader during spoopy season.

I should have a cover to tease you with within the next couple of weeks. I was a little slow in commissioning it, but not because I forgot or anything.

(I totally forgot.)