The Pack’s All Here: The Norseton Wolves Collection is Out Now!

cover of Holley Trent's werewolf series cover for Norseton Wolves has a silhouette of a howling wolf inset with an embracing couple

Finally! The Wolves are now gathered in one place.

When Adam Carbone charges into an isolated desert community with his team to eliminate a threat, he’s not looking for praise from strangers. He’s looking for a chance to turn a rough life on the road into a long-awaited rest for his shifter crew. But even as one of the Wolf goddess’s favorite and most prescient leaders, he doesn’t anticipate that the itinerant pack’s risky freelance gig will be the key to everything they’ve ever wanted. The men Adam has guided for over a decade have no good excuses not to settle down and start families.

Except for the small matter of finding suitable mates.

For a barely socialized group of dominant Wolves, turning on the charm can be a challenge. Fortunately, Fate has already found them partners who know exactly what to do with the men.

This collection contains all the Wolf stories spanning the entire timeline of the interwoven Afótama Legacy, Norseton Wolves, and the Hearth Motel series:

(An Afótama Legacy tie-in story)
Beauty & the Viking
(An Afótama Legacy tie-in story)

Read the summary of each story by clicking on the series page and navigating to the individual titles.

Learn how the three series tie together.

Get the collection now.

The Norseton Wolves collection is exclusive to Amazon until fall and will be widely available around October.

You can get the full bundle for just 99¢ through August 31st. (Readers who shop at other retailers: I won’t forget to toss the same deal your way when the time comes. Watch the front page of my website for the announcement it’s widely available.)

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