ICYMI: September 2022

Here’s a quick rundown of book news and forecasts I’ve made during the month of September or previously and want to refresh.

(Here’s August’s post.)

1. The Masters of Maria full series collection is widely available.

Masters of Maria series cover has a dramatic red desert sky background with an intense dark-haired woman in the front in a red dress and extending an arm forward

The ebook bundle includes every novel and novella in the series.

Learn where to get it.

2. Water Under the Bridge launches next month.

I’ll work on making it available for preorder at the remaining sites as soon as I can upload the cover art.

In the meantime, read the summary here and see where it’s currently available for early ordering.

3. Look for backlist paranormal on the Radish app.

If you prefer to do your reading in small bites, this one’s for you.

Starting October 1, some of my hottest backlist books will be available on the serial app.
new cover of The Viking Queen's Men. Has a dark-haired woman at center flanked by two tall men. Background is a setting-sun sky in the desert.
The Viking Queen’s Men will start rolling out first, and I’ll add more of The Afótama Legacy‘s stories periodically.

Look for the Radish link on the book page starting 10/1.