ICYMI: October 2022

Here’s a quick rundown of book news and forecasts I’ve made either during the October or previously and wanted to remind you about.

(Here’s September’s post.)


Water Under the Bridge Hooked series cover with black man merking and black woman embracing

The second story in the Hooked paranormal romance series (with merfolk, disgruntled royalty, and highly entertaining extended family dynamics came out in ebook format on 10/18.
Learn more about the new sea king’s complicated history with his socialite ex and find out where to get it here.
Read a chapter, if you want!

2. Wish Out of Water has a limited-time promo.

This Apple-only deal is ONLY through November 5th.
Apple Books promo bade for Wish Out of Water
The story is free at Apple Books in all geographic regions along with a collection of other amazing shifter romances. Grab them all before the promo ends.

3. The Viking Queen’s Men is being serialized on the Radish app.

Again, if you prefer to do your reading in small bites and pacing yourself, this one’s for you as the story parts publish only four times/week. Each chunk has around 1500 words in them, so you can get through them without needing too much focus. (Or you can stockpile all the episodes and read the whole story when you’re having a quiet veg day.)

new cover of The Viking Queen's Men. Has a dark-haired woman at center flanked by two tall men. Background is a setting-sun sky in the desert.

Find it here on Radish.

(And did you know there’s an audiobook version of The Viking Queen’s Men available in Scribd? You can listen to it and The Chieftain’s Daughter as part of your subscription.)

4. The Twitter elephant in the room.

I feel obligated to address this because I’ve spent so much time connecting there and I know I have quite a number of readers who rely on the platform to get their book news.

Basically, I’m watching to see how the new ownership situation shakes out. I haven’t been there recently as much as I have in the past simply due to time constraints. That’s wasn’t intentional. Going forward, what will be more intentional is me choosing to post and engage there less.

Peers have already said they’re bouncing as soon as a certain threshold occurs. I may as well if the content becomes toxic to a point I can’t compartmentalize anymore. If that is the case, I will leave some information in my bio about where you can find me.

Obviously, you can always come straight to my website and see all my social links and newsletter signups. I will always be HERE. But my availability on the bird app might be in question.


I’ll be back next month with another update!