WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE, Hooked 2, is out now!

Water Under the Bridge Hooked series cover with black man merking and black woman embracing
I mentioned before (possibly out loud and not just in my own head) that I structured the Hooked story order similarly to how some of my favorite historical romance series were aligned. There’s the hard-working daughter who feels she has to take one for the team up first. And then second, there’s a defiant, emotionally constipated brother being forced out to set a better example and, basically, Fix His Shit and also some other major shit that he didn’t cause but that no one else is equipped to deal with.

Well, that’s River.

Not only is he suddenly king of the merfolk and having to figure out how to fix an entire crumbling society and deal with a [potentially] murderous uncle, but he has to confront his feelings about a woman from his past that he knew too soon—before they were both grown up enough to know what they had.

(I mean, he’s a mess, but so is Aliah. The difference between the two is that Aliah actually knows she’s a mess and has been actively trying to recover. But…I digress. Go into the reading knowing that he’s an asshole and knowing that SHE knows he’s an asshole and that she deserves better, and all will be well.)

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Preemptively Answering a Certain Question

My copy-editor guessed wrong, so I think I did a bad job with sequel baiting in the first book. Let me be clear and say that Mia will not be the romantic interest in any of the four main Hooked stories. She’s trying to enjoy the freewheeling chismosa phase of her life and isn’t interested in dating. We’ll check in on her thoughts when the realms have stabilized.
*shaky, shady smile*