ICYMI: December 2022

Here’s a quick rundown of book news and forecasts I’ve made either during the November or previously and wanted to remind you about.

(Here’s November’s post.)

1. I’m definitely locked out of the bird site.

I’m only stating this because I’ve been generally scarce there in recent months, but recently, that absence hasn’t been on purpose.

I learned of a security breach on the site and was warned to immediately change my password.

Well, I did that. But then the site wouldn’t recognize it or the backup code Bird Site had previous generated for me and told me to store for precisely this purpose.

*taps fingertips*

I’ve been waiting for about a week for someone (if there is anyone actually there) to respond to my support ticket.

If you’ve been mentioning me over there with specific queries, you might just want to go old(er)-school and…email me.


2. Some backlist slimming.

Three Strikes Den of Sin BWWM romanceYou know the adage “less is more”?

Well, I don’t know if that’s actually true, but less is definitely easier to keep track of from an administrative perspective.

If you’ve been making your way through my Den of Sin stories and haven’t collected them all, they may not be available when you look for them.

To be clear: they’re not completely going away. I’m simply consolidating the entire collection under one cover and eliminating all the separate listings. It’ll make a life a smidge easier when I do my periodic pricing changes or update metadata. Right now, Den of Sin is a cluster of related stories that are all of disparate lengths (for reasons), and they’re just tough to position them in a digital marketplace.

This isn’t going to be a $6 bundle. These stories are deep in the backlist, so I’m offering them as one ebook product for probably a perma-$2.99.

NOTE: this does not affect any of the Reedsville Roosters tie-in stories like Winterball. Those will remain wherever they are and however they are, as technically…that series isn’t finished yet.


I’ll be back next month with another update, which I hope will be meatier and more fun than this one. I’ve been kind of sitting on the edges of things, observing, and focusing my energy carefully, so I’ve held off on positioning any new books on the schedule. I know some of you are waiting for continuations and updates. I’ve just got to make sure I can position them for success.

See you on the other side of the new year!