ICYMI: January 2023

This one’s easy.

I even double-checked by skimming back through my planner to be sure I didn’t miss anything.

Blond woman in neutral colors leaning against the headboard of her bed, holding wine, and looking sideward.The only significant news from January is that the audiobook version of Dirty Laundry launched on Scribd!

If dry humor and Sapphic Southerners are your niche (and even if you didn’t know they are), you can listen to the book as part of the subscription plan there. The first book in the series, Lowdown Dirty, is also available there if you’re the kind of reader who needs to start at the beginning. The books stand alone and feature different couples, but the cast members are deeply connected. (You’ll have to see what I mean.)

I’m back in the place.

The support team jiggled their whosits and whatsits and I can access my Twitter account again.

I’m not there much, but at the very least, if you mention me or tag me, I’ll see it eventually, for whatever that’s worth.

As far as social media goes, I’m still technically on a couple of places, but the time constraints of having children who can’t drive is a little intense at this stage of my life. If I have to choose between being charming on Instagram and actually finding time to eat a sandwich, I have to choose the sandwich.

Coming up?

At this point, I know better than to promise ANYthing, but just know I’m diligently working on getting that last Sons of Gulielmus story back out. That’s first priority. I’ve got to be honest and say that it’s taking as long as it is because that was a series I wrote pre-ADHD diagnosis. I write and revise a lot differently now. That is to say slower because the shading of every paragraph and snippet of internal dialogue reads differently to me now. I could just slap a cover on it and put it out as it was when it was originally published, but I can’t. The story has to make sense in context of what happens next in Desert Guards and Masters of Maria. (And this story is what’s preventing me from moving on to the Jaguar series. I can’t go there until the world’s history is complete again. But yes, it’s still a thing I’m going to do.)

And again, no promises, but this year, you’ll probably see the final Down and Dirty novel (Leah and Clay), a Hooked novel, and the final Hearth Motel book.


I’d like to, but to be honest, those stories get buried at retailers, which means readers don’t see them. If you need that next book, it’d help immensely if you tell a friend to give them a try! If they like complex worldbuilding, light sci-fi, polyamorous aliens, heroines who (generally) know their worth, and high heat, the series will keep them occupied for a few days at least.


I’ll be back next month with more news. Hopefully I’ll have some that’s more concrete!

Here’s last month’s post.