It’s now easier to check into The Den

My Den of Sin stories are now under one cover!

It Happened at The Den erotic romance full series collection cover with mid-distance shot of hotel wall with ornate gold wallpaper and door with do not disturb placard

As part of a personal resolution to make my backlist easier to navigate, I’m in the process of combining works from completed series into collections.

I talked on various platforms about how the Den of Sin series came about, but to briefly recap: it was originally part of a multi-author story world set at a New Orleans hotel that every so often becomes a certain sort of adult destination. It’s a high-heat mixed orientation series and all stories have happy-for-now or happily-ever-after endings.

Many of my stories set at the Den have significant overlap, so it made sense for me to finally combine them chronologically. (The Reedsville Roosters stories that cross over are not included as that series technically isn’t finished.)

The individual Den titles are no longer available for sale, and that’s because you can get It Happened at The Den basically for the same price as one of the longer novellas.

The stories included are:

·Two Strikes
·Ménage à Troys
·As Sweet
·For You
·O for Two
·Three Strikes
·Shame and a Disgrace
·Off the Hook

You can get It Happened at The Den now at these ebook retailers:

·Amazon US
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·Amazon UK
·Amazon AU
·Apple Books
·Barnes and Noble
·Google Play