January ’23: What’s in Kindle Unlimited?

This list is updated and reposted on the first day of every month.

A Jekh Saga change:

Jekh Saga Box Set CoverErstwhileCrux Jekh Saga Book 2Salvo by HE Trent

Wager Jekh Saga cover MFM sci fi romanceRoyal Jekh SagaMatch Jekh Sagacover of Jekh Saga book 7 Extent with embracing couple over background of outer space

I removed Erstwhile from the subscription service and made it widely available so that I could offer it as a series starter freebie. It’ll be priced at $0 between December 2022 and the end of February 2023, at the very shortest.


The Norseton Wolves series returns to the program.

cover of Holley Trent's werewolf series cover for Norseton Wolves has a silhouette of a howling wolf inset with an embracing coupleCover of Norseton Wolves Beast by Holley TrentCover for Norseton Wolves Book 10 Watcher by Holley Trent has a shirtless man draping cloth around his head. A silhouetted wolf is in the background in front of a dark desert horizon.

All stories, including Beauty & the Viking will be available to borrow staring in January.


Shrew & Company will transition by end of January.

Shrew & Company complete series
The series will shift from wide availability to Kindle Exclusivity for a term toward the end of the month.


With noted exceptions, the stories above are guaranteed to be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited for the entirety of the month of January 2023. Check back in February for updates in series or individual story statuses as some stories may cycle in or out depending on market demands or new book releases in these series or related ones.