ICYMI: April 2023

Another quiet month for the Trentverse, but I can say that I’m merely quiet, not totally inactive.

After a bit of a creative hiccup, I found a way over the revision hurdle slowing the re-launch of what used to be An Angel Fallen. The sailing should be a little smoother here on out and I anticipate getting that back into e-readers by early summer. I know that it was originally a Christmas novella that I wrote as a bit of a bridge between Sons of Gulielmus and Desert Guards, but in the new edition I’ve shaved down some of the holiday tone for no other reason except that it didn’t matter as much for the plot anymore. (There’s still snow on the ground, but living in Colorado as I do now where we could get four-inches overnight after we’ve set our tomatoes out—don’t let that distract you from summer reading.)

I anticipate that once I’ve tidied up that loose end in the series, I’ll be able to anticipate better planning for frontlist stories (i.e. the next Hooked, Jekh, Down and Dirty, and Maria-set novels. I actually started that Down and Dirty book, so it is literally an actual, legitimate thing.)

My best guess right now is that I’ll have a lot to say around August or September or so when my summer travel has wound down. Fingers crossed! (You’re always welcome to email me and ask if I’ve totally space cadeted on that, though. I’ll respond eventually. :D )