Now out in audio: Wish Out of Water!

Audiobook cover for mermaid paranormal romance novel Wish Out of Water by Holley Trent features an embracing couple in crashing waves. The woman has a mermaid tail.

As we all start gearing up for the re-imagining of a certain mermaid thing (about which even my 16-year-old son has commented “It doesn’t even look that bad”), I’m thrilled to throw a bit of my Hooked world into the fantasy frenzy.

Fresh off the audio press, there’s now an audiobook version of Wish Out of Water available to Scribd subscribers!

Take a listen and start your week with some sighs and some belly laughs. My mermaid doesn’t sing, but she can balance a checkbook, and like any good Millennial, knows the best strategy for dealing with someone ringing her front doorbell is to not move a single damn muscle and hold her breath until they go away.