As Sweet

As Sweet Den of Sin novella

Den of Sin

Erotic Contemporary

February 2014


Rosalinda Gutierrez, the Hotel Beaudelaire’s night auditor, finds a beautiful bouquet of roses on her desk on Valentine’s Day. She quickly learns her secret admirer is someone she’s been quietly fantasizing about for several years. They’ve been two ships passing in the night: she works nights, and he works days.

Trevor Reed tends the five-star hotel’s grounds, and in his free time cultivates flowers nearly as stunning as Rosalinda. The unsophisticated gardener is pleasantly surprised the white-collar girl is receptive to his advances, and when she escalates their friendly date to an erotic fantasy, he figures she’ll want him only for the night.

Rosalinda has other things in mind. She likes men who can make things other than money, and Trevor’s quiet dominance pushes all the right buttons for her. She doesn’t care that he’s just a gardener, but now she has to make him believe it.

Where to Find It

Now exclusively available in It Happened at The Den