It Happened at The Den: The Full Collection of Den of Sin Stories Written by Holley Trent

It Happened at The Den erotic romance full series collection cover with mid-distance shot of hotel wall with ornate gold wallpaper and door with do not disturb placard

Den of Sin

Contemporary Erotic Romance Collection

January 12, 2023

The Hotel Beaudelaire, one of New Orleans’ oldest and grandest establishments, has a scandalous secret, and it isn’t just a brazen ghost.

When guests RSVP for owner Henri’s special rendezvous events, they expect to have exciting encounters and to take home exhilarating memories.

What happens at The Beaudelaire’s Den of Sin is supposed to stay there…but sometimes, attractions spark the unexpected, and the guests leave wearing the glow of new romance.

This collection of Holley Trent’s Den short stories, novelettes, and novellas is presented chronologically by the story timelines so you can experience the same drama and yearning as the guests.

Reckless desires turn into beautiful realizations for the visitors and staff of the infamous hotel.

Are you ready to check in?

It Happened at The Den is a collection of previously published short stories and novellas that are now exclusive to this volume:

Two Strikes
Ménage à Troys
As Sweet
For You
O for Two
Three Strikes
Shame and a Disgrace
Off the Hook

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