Shame and a Disgrace

Shame and a Disgrace mm romance Den of Sin

Den of Sin/Storafalt Stories

Erotic Contemporary

May 12, 2015 (in M Collection)


NOTE: This Den of Sin novelette is a Storafalt Stories crossover. The characters Phil and Landon first appear in Teaching the Cowboy.

Phil Oxendine knew hooking up with cowboy Landon Lundstrom would be a mistake from the very beginning, and a few years into their relationship, he’s finally committed to setting the younger man free so Landon can experience life…and heartbreak. The problem is, Landon’s not willing to go. He may only be twenty-three, but he knows what he wants and is mature enough to demand it. At The Den, he hopes to make Phil understand that age is just a number, and while he’s at it, satisfy some long-ignored cravings as well.

Where to Find It

Now exclusively available in It Happened at The Den