Three Strikes

Three Strikes Den of Sin BWWM romance

Den of Sin

Erotic Contemporary

November 28, 2014


Note: Three Strikes is a stand-alone novella that picks up the story of Max and Giselle started in the short story Two Strikes. Three Strikes is set approximately one year after Two Strikes.

To say that Giselle Burke and Max Fletcher’s relationship is “complicated” would be an understatement. He’s one of New Orleans’s most intriguing Doms, and she won’t give him the time of day. They’ve been friends since age fourteen, and although she’s loved him almost as long, she doesn’t want to be with him…at least, for no longer than a night.

As an employee of the Hotel Beaudelaire, Giselle has never been a guest during its Den of Sin events, but Max knows it’s the perfect venue for seduction. He’s convinced that if he can get his “Queen G” to let down her guard for a weekend, he can soften her heart. And if he has to tuck into his bag of tricks to remind her of just how compelling he can be…so be it.

Where to Find It

Now exclusively available in It Happened at The Den