Two Strikes

Two Strikes Den of Sin

Den of Sin

Erotic Contemporary—Short Story

December 1, 2013


Room service attendant Giselle Burke has worked at New Orleans’s Hotel Beaudelaire for two years. While the rich and famous have their most carnal desires indulged during the hotel’s rare Den of Sin weekends, Giselle must remain an outsider looking in on the revelry. A hard thing for a woman who craves being touched.

When her longtime friend Max—known in BDSM circles as the “dark dom”—invites her into one of the hotel’s premium black rooms to help him break in his new submissive, she throws caution to the wind for just an hour. Max knows exactly how to extinguish her skin hunger, but he doesn’t recruit her into his play just because she sets a good example. With her, he doesn’t need to be the dark dom. Unfortunately, that’s the only way she’ll have him.

Where to Find It

Now exclusively available in It Happened at The Den