Lowdown Dirty

cover of Lowdown Dirty by Holley Trent features a man with thick beard with gray streaks standing in front of a beach

Down and Dirty Book 1

Erotic Contemporary

Published September 8, 2019

Theme Notes: This book contains consensual and safe participation in BDSM. There is parent loss (past event)/grief of the main character. One protagonist is divorced (friendly) and co-parenting a newly adult son.


Wealthy luxury boat maker Tim Dowd had all but given up on dating. He’s far too picky and his darker cravings don’t exactly qualify him as husband material in his conservative community.

When an unforgettable newcomer arrives with a short-term aim of developing a new subdivision, Tim can’t help but wonder “What if?” Valerie Lawson has the full package. She’s stunning, smart, has a wicked sense of humor, and possesses lustful urges that rival his own. But the ambitious architect is a rising star and had never planned to stay. Her next big job is thousands of miles away, and Tim can’t follow.

Valerie doesn’t think a woman like her can have it all. Tim might need to recruit some help from unexpected places to convince her that she can.


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