Her Resident Jester

Her Resident Jester cover artCurrently unavailable due to publisher closure.

Romantic Comedy/Chick lit

Published 2/1/13

Publisher: Musa Publishing (Calliope imprint)
Length: Novelette (16,000 words)
Setting: Edenton, North Carolina
Heat level: Sweet
Warnings: Some colorful language

Series information: Set in the same world as Love by Premonition.

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The doctor may be a part-time clown, but when it comes to one woman he doesn’t joke around.

Marketing executive Shane Andrews’s reluctant participation in a research study leads to the stunning discovery she needs immediate surgery.

Out of sorts, and in a moment of spectacular tactlessness, she insults a man wearing a red rubber nose and big floppy shoes. He turns out to be Derek Palmer: Edenton’s hottest young surgeon…and the resident observing her operation.

With her body and pride both on the mend, Shane hides out to prevent further humiliation. She can’t avoid the gorgeous clown too long, however. Edenton is a small town, and Derek isn’t content with letting her wallow. What kind of clown would he be if he did?