Paranormal Romance Backlist

The Afótama Legacy (Completed Series)

new cover of The Viking Queen's Men. Has a dark-haired woman at center flanked by two tall men. Background is a setting-sun sky in the desert. The Chieftain's Daughter MMF erotic paranormal romance Ebook cover of Holley Trent's Viking's Pride eBook cover of Holley Trent's Viking Flame
New cover of The Viking's Witch by Holley Trent features Black woman with natural hair posing with tall man in torn white shirt. Beauty and the Viking by Holley Trent A Legacy Divided cover Cover of The Afotama Legacy book entitled Legacy. Has a man in black leather jacket embracing a shorter woman in pastel dress.

Desert Guards (Completed Series)

The cover of The Cougar's Pawn by Holley Trent contains a muscular shirtless man with dark red hair in a cowboy hat over a misty desert background The Cougar's Trade Second Edition cover The cover of The Cougar's Bargain by Holley Trent, features a man with open shirt and black cowboy hat over misty background Cover of The Cougar's Wish by Holley Trent features redheaded woman over misty desert background

Hearth Motel (Series in Progress)

Prince in Leather interracial fantasy romance Unwrapping Mr. Roth by Holley Trent Knight in Leather by Holley Trent cover Surrendering Saul fairy romance BMWW Lucky in Leather cover a Hearth Motel series book by Holley Trent features a muscular young man in sunglasses and leather jacket on a motorcycle

Hooked (Series in Progress)

Wish out of Water cover with artwork by Fiona Jayde. There's a brown-skinned mermaid held in a clinch in shallow water by a shirtless man. Water Under the Bridge Hooked series cover with black man merking and black woman embracing

Masters of Maria (Completed Series)

Cover art featuring handome Hispanic man with light facial hair, shirtless in front of a desert expanse The Angel's Hunger paranormal fantasy romance cover features sultry Asian man in black shirt against a yellow sky desert background shirtless handsome man in front of festive Christmas tree
The Coyote's Chance cover broody dark haired man in black jacket over dark desert expanse cowboy with open plaid shirt in front of outbuilding Cover of The Coyote's Bride by Holley Trent Blond-haired bearded man in black leather jacket over golden night background
Cover art for The Coyote's Comfort by Holley Trent. Features a dark-haired woman dressed in leather with lit-up holiday tree in distant background. Cover image of The Angel's Fire Cover of The Angel's Desire by Holley Trent

Norseton Wolves (Completed Series)

Beast Norseton Wolves Loner Idler Norseton Wolves Scion Norseton Wolves
Norseton Wolves Mate Call Collection Maker Norseton Wolves cover Elder Norseton Wolves cover Scout Norseton Wolves Reckless Desires
Seer Norseton Wolves Reckless Desires Angel BWWM werewolf romance Norseton Wolves Cover for Norseton Wolves Book 10 Watcher by Holley Trent has a shirtless man draping cloth around his head. A silhouetted wolf is in the background in front of a dark desert horizon.

Shrew & Company (Completed Series)

Pursuing Patrick shapeshifter paranormal romance Bryan's Betrayal interracial multicultural bear shifter romance Following Fabian Shrew and Company paranormal romance cover
paranormal bear shifter romance Promising Peter Shrew and Company Saving Soren Shrew & Company Book 7 The Alpha's Claim m/m shapeshifter romance

Sons of Gulielmus (Completed Series – New editions currently being issued on some stories now.)

Cover of A Demon in Waiting by Holley Trent Daughter on the Run cover features blonde woman seated in dry field giving intense look cover of A Demon Found by Holley Trent has a man in a beige hoodie sweatshirt open at the chest. He stares toward the camera with bright blue eyes.
Cover of A Witch Enraptured by Holley Trent has a curly haired main with light brown skin and neat facial hair looking to the distance An Angel Fallen Sons of Gulielmus Holley Trent