Audrey of Klaufindt left the ocean, and a fragile sea-dwelling population, to save her life.

It isn’t until years after she passes that her financially-strapped children discover their reclusive and idiosyncratic mother was a much beloved-queen…and that they’re destined to fill the burdensome leadership roles she never wanted them to have.

Meet the Williams siblings of Theopoke, North Carolina and follow them as they’re drawn into the intrigues of two ancient realms—one underwater and one terrestrial—that both blood and magic tie them to.


Wish out of Water cover with artwork by Fiona Jayde. There's a brown-skinned mermaid held in a clinch in shallow water by a shirtless man. Water Under the Bridge Hooked series cover with black man merking and black woman embracing

Series Order

1 – Wish Out of Water – Brook and Cooper

2 – Water Under the Bridge – River and Aliah

3 – ? – Bay and ?

4 – ? – Lake and ?