Water Under the Bridge

Water Under the Bridge Hooked series cover with black man merking and black woman embracing

Hooked Book 2

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance (Contemporary Setting)

October 18, 2022

CONTENT GUIDANCE/KEYWORDS: This is a second-chance romance between frenemies-to-lovers involving a past misunderstanding. The story contains mentions of past emotional manipulation (not between primary characters), tender emotions about non-recent parent loss, paranormal suspense, sea king Trust Issues, and merfolk politics. Aliah and River were both military brats.


River Williams is good at two things: swimming and conflict. Becoming the king of the underwater dominion his mermaid mother abandoned should be right up his alley. It is, until he learns what kind of mess his deposed uncle left for him to clean up. And with his little sister recently married and coronated in the family’s other ancestral territory, he feels has to be everywhere at once to help smooth the transitions of power.

The absolute last thing he needs at the moment is to have to deal with his human ex.

Since childhood, Aliah pictured herself settling down with a wealthy go-getter who could guarantee her a stable future. Her fling with fellow military brat River as a teen was the one relationship she stumbled into without premeditation. She had to outgrow him, but she could never forget him.

She can’t.

The same magic that allows River to hurl and shape water decided long ago that she would be his.

Despite what the magic says, Aliah’s not prepared for the tumultuous world the Williams family now lives in, and River refuses to be one more stepping stone for Aliah’s upward climb. If she can’t convince him that her intentions are different than before, and if he can’t recognize the strength the extroverted socialite could bring to a healing kingdom, the two will live forever adrift, lacking the equilibrium both desperately need.

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