How The Afótama Legacy, Hearth Motel, and Norseton Wolves series intertwine

covers from The Afotama Legacy, Hearth Motel, and Norseton Wolves books by Holley Trent

This information is tucked into the back of most of the Afótama books, but I thought it might help for new readers to the collection to see how they nest right from the start.

Remember—each series can be read completely independently of the others, however they do share characters and a timeline. I can’t say how they connect without spoiling the second Afótama book.

This guide will be updated as books are added the the series!

Afótama and Hearth

The Viking Queen’s Men (The Afótama Legacy #1)
The Chieftain’s Daughter (The Afótama Legacy #2)
Prince in Leather (Hearth Motel #1)
Unwrapping Mr. Roth (Hearth Motel #1.5) [holiday novella!]
Viking’s Pride (The Afótama Legacy #2.5)
Viking Flame (The Afótama Legacy #3)
Knight in Leather (Hearth Motel #2)
Surrendering Saul (Hearth Motel #3)
The Viking’s Witch (The Afótama Legacy #4)
A Legacy Divided (The Afótama Legacy #5)
Legacy (The Afótama Legacy #6)

(Beauty & the Viking is set further down the timeline than any of these stories. This’ll make sense once The Afótama Legacy resolves in Legacy.

Norseton Wolves novellas

-These first four stories are set contemporaneously staring in the spring following The Chieftain’s Daughter. The wolves show up in The Afótama Legacy in The Chieftain’s Daughter.


-Set the following Christmas

-Set in the following year

-Set after the conclusion of Legacy