Contemporary and Erotic Contemporary

Den of Sin erotic romance series
Multi-author erotic romance continuity series (with Mel Blue, Ambrielle Kirk, L.V. Lewis, and Renee Luke).

Emerald Springs Legacy button
A shared world contemporary romance series (with Monica Tillery, Elley Arden, Nicole Flockton, and Robyn Neeley)

geek romances
Sensual to erotic contemporary romances featuring geeks and the headstrong women who love them.

Natural Beauty contemporary romance series
Small-town contemporary romances set at a rural cosmetics company.

storafalt contemporary romances
Spicy small-town, Western-set romances. See what happens when South meets West in this ranch community.

Paranormal & Fantasy

HOT paranormal romances with modern Vikings

fairy romance
HOT fantasy romance with rogue fairy bikers

Norseton Wolves paranormal romance
Spicy alpha werewolves in the Afótama world

Shrew & Company series
Spicy paranormal romantic suspense (where the ladies are the heroes!)

Sons of Gulielmus paranormal romance series
Fallen angels, demons, cambions, demigods, witches, and more combine in this sassy, spicy paranormal romance series set in eastern North Carolina.