Saint and Scholar

Hearts and Minds Book 1

Contemporary Romance

1st edition published by Lyrical Press/Kensington
2nd edition self-published

July 1, 2013 (first edition), August 26, 2017 (second edition)


As a first-year university teaching assistant, historian Grant Fennell was quietly infatuated with a beautiful student in his class. Now the teacher-student taboo is gone, and he can finally pursue the unforgettable Carla Gill…but he doesn’t have much time to do it. He’s earned his PhD and is heading home to Ireland immediately to start a new job.

As luck would have it, Carla’s in desperate need of an expert who can help her unravel the Irish half of her family tree, and she’s willing to tag along.

Traveling to a foreign country with a man she hardly knows is the boldest risk the nervous artist has ever taken, but Carla can’t pass up the opportunity to learn about her late father’s roots and about herself. After battling years of depression, she’s ready to come out of her shell. She’s ready for passion again, and the devastatingly charming Grant awakens her boldness.

It only takes Grant a few days to be convinced that sexy, quick-witted Carla is still worthy of obsession, but Carla worries they’re moving too quickly. Playing off Grant’s assertive spontaneity, her long-stifled audacity is surfacing, and she’s certain he’ll become disenchanted. She’s not the saint he thought she was, and the torch he’s been carrying for her for so long might be overdue to burn out.

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