Lucky in Leather

Lucky in Leather cover a Hearth Motel series book by Holley Trent features a muscular young man in sunglasses and leather jacket on a motorcycle

Hearth Motel Book 4

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance (modern setting)

Published April 19, 2022

Content Notes: friends/roommates to lovers, opposites attract, fated mates, magic, high heat, dark humor | generalized 20-something messiness, non-gory/low-description fairy violence, unplanned pregnancies, emotional repression and internalized trauma, abuse by authority figure (monarch), dysfunctional/toxic family dynamics


Few fairies can rival Matthew Gilisson’s magic despite him being only a quarter fae. Strong, smart, and fearless, he’s the perfect agent for his cousin Heath to deploy against his mother. As Queen Rhiannon’s realm continues to collapse, her plans pivot to survival at all costs, but Matt has too much at stake to let her find a foothold in the human world. She’s already spent a thousand years torturing her subjects.

Like his partner Perry.

A fairy like Perry Geer would normally be an unlikely recruit in the leather-and-chaos world of Prince Heath. He’s a thinker, not a warrior, so it made perfect sense that Prince Heath paired newcomer Matt with him. Conveniently, the two can combine their magic in useful, and unusual, ways and cooperatively neutralize the queen’s efforts to sabotage her defector son’s powerful crew.

But Perry wonders just how useful he really is when it becomes evident that Matt’s meant to be much more than his mission partner.

How could a quiet mage like him be the fated partner of a fairy royal? And how long will Perry be able to keep the match a secret from the man he wants so much more for?

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