Norseton Wolves

Norseton Wolves paranormal romance

Dark, broody, and mysterious, this pack of mercenary wolves rolled into the modern Viking community of Norseton in The Chieftain’s Daughter looking for jobs and ready to put down roots. As Queen Contessa’s primary security team, they’re first on the scene when trouble arises, and occasionally make a little trouble of own.

Meet the single men in the pack in this series of novellas set in the world of The Afótama Legacy starting with Beast. The first four stories can be read in any order as they are set simultaneously (get them all in the Mate Call collection). Every story stands alone, but for maximum enjoyment, read the other installments in order.

Cover of Norseton Wolves Beast by Holley Trent Loner Idler Norseton Wolves Scion Norseton Wolves
Maker Norseton Wolves cover Elder Norseton Wolves cover Scout Norseton Wolves Reckless Desires Seer Norseton Wolves Reckless Desires
Angel BWWM werewolf romance Norseton Wolves Cover for Norseton Wolves Book 10 Watcher by Holley Trent has a shirtless man draping cloth around his head. A silhouetted wolf is in the background in front of a dark desert horizon.