Daughter on the Run

Daughter on the Run cover features blonde woman seated in dry field giving intense look

Sons of Gulielmus 2 (novella)

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

Published January 17, 2020

Originally published as “A Demoness Matched” in the Melt My Heart anthology published by Crimson Romance in February 2014.


Julia Tate is straight out of a cult and into the fire. Her brothers rescued her to give her a chance at a normal life, but there’s really no such thing for the child of a powerful fallen angel.

Not only is she likely to have lieutenants from her old compound seeking to put her back in her place, but her father’s enemies would like to put a target on her, too. The safest place for her to hide is on the property of a reclusive former baseball player who wants to be left alone and be forgotten.

Calvin Wolff has his own reasons for retreating to the woods. The alpha werewolf is losing his grip on humanity because he refuses to take a mate.

Unexpectedly, the beautiful, mysterious woman who appears on his doorstep seems to be a wish come true for his inner beast, but there’s something off about her and her story. But it doesn’t matter, anyway.

Calvin refuses to subject anyone to the chaos that comes with being a wolf shifter’s mate, no matter how badly they seem to need his protection…or how badly he craves their companionship.

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