A Witch Enraptured

Cover of A Witch Enraptured by Holley Trent has a curly haired main with light brown skin and neat facial hair looking to the distance

Sons of Gulielmus Book 5

Formerly titled A Demon Bewitched

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

First Edition published by Crimson Romance September 22, 2014

Second Edition coming May 2022

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The last time Claude Fortier fell head over heels for someone, a ruthless demon murdered her.

His father.

It made no difference that sweet and selfless Laurette was the love of Claude’s life. All Gulielmus had ever cared about was keeping his powerful offspring in check by any means necessary.

So when Laurette’s soul returns two hundred years later in the body of undisciplined witch Gail Colvard, Claude is resolute that he’ll finally have her for good. Of course, she doesn’t remember a thing about him, especially not his terrifying mix of witch and demon energies. But sultry nights and thrilling adventures with Claude hint at the exciting and passionate life she’d never imagined she’d have. Knowing the past, though, she’s certain that pursuing such a future may be a terrible gamble.

Gail may have few memories of her first love affair with Claude, but Gulielmus remembers. And unlike his besotted son, the passage of time hasn’t mellowed his merciless ways.

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First Edition Cover

A Demon Bewitched paranormal romance