The Angel’s Fire

Cover image of The Angel's Fire

Masters of Maria Book 8

Paranormal Romance (historical + modern settings)

July 6, 2020

CONTENT NOTE: This book is set predominately in 1870s New Mexico. It contains some frontier violence. The story contains a tense (typically-resolving) birth scene. Warning for discussion of past emotional abuse by former intimate partner.

***Click here for series connections! (Contains spoilers.)***


In sixteenth century Central America, the goddess La Bella Dama witnessed the explosion of a slave ship off the coast. Hundreds of years later, she’s still running from what she did in the aftermath. A rare moment of softness to the benefit of some of the nearly dead compelled her to make a deal with the devilish fallen angel responsible for the disaster.

Four hundred years on, she and Tarik still get along like fire and gasoline, but he’s the only creature she’s ever encountered who can make her heart race.

While they may be uniquely equipped to withstand each other’s heat, she’s in no position to commit to such a dangerous being. She learned her lesson well enough already.

The last time she was humiliated by a lover, she created an entire race of shapeshifters out of spite. But it may be too late. She’s created something even more personal with Tarik—something that can turn her life upside down…and something that shouldn’t be possible.

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