Love on Delivery

Love On Delivery small town romance short story

Storafalt Stories #1.5

Contemporary Romance (short story)

September 2014


Grace Carol has never met a man who’s excited her more than her trusty cowgirl boots. At age twenty-six, she’s resigned to loneliness if her only other option is to settle. In the small town of Storafalt, Wyoming, everyone knows her past, and more than a few disparage her for it.

When a lost stranger arrives bearing a package meant for a resident across town, Grace has her breath taken away for the first time. Rafael Soto is kind, charming, and eager to help with the heavy lifting at her tiny ranch. But…he won’t touch her.

Ex-pilot Rafael is looking for a forever home and thinks it might be in Storafalt. He wants Grace, blemished past and all, but he doesn’t want to lead her on. If he can’t stay, he doesn’t want to leave her more broken than he found her.

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